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Industry Must Act Now to Comply with Building Safety Laws

The Building Safety Act 2022 received Royal Assent in April, and its myriad legislative changes are due to come into force over the next 12 months with implications for developers, contractors,…

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Building Safety Act: What You Need to Know About the Coming Changes

With so much change happening across the industry, here is how we are helping clients and the wider industry focus on key priorities without getting overwhelmed, writes Max Meadows of Project Four…

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There is No Time to Waste on Building Safety Act Compliance

The time for talking is over, now is the time to act to get your business in compliance with the new regulations, writes Alan Robson, managing director of Project Four Safety.

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Meet the Authorities: Public-Private-Partnerships

This will be my last blog pre-summer break, and a great way to go into the summer recess (though there are events throughout). Another cracking in-person event, this week in Manchester at the…

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Cheshire Development Update (Place North West)

So, my second face-to-face event of the week. And despite the dreary weather when arriving into the fine City of Chester at 7.30AM, the vibe in the room was ace. I even enjoyed the 'event-coffee'…

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Back in the Room With the Liverpool Property Club

Today saw the return of the Liverpool Property Club and not on bloody Zoom. Face to face felt good, a sunshine-filled morning in Liverpool (and a big boat as a back drop). Great to see so many…

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Oh Manchester…! New home for Project Four

It was on, then it was off...a bit like the last 12 months, in all parts of society. But now is the time to make the move, and we are delighted after viewing many spaces to announce our new home in…

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Eleven Tips for Project CDM in 2021

During our final team meeting of 2020 we decided to pull together our 11 top tips, and put into simple terms - so here they are:

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Return of The Property Club

Last week saw the return of Liverpool Property Club, but not as we know it. So, I'd best start at the beginning, which was circa 2009. Myself, at the time MD of Innov8 Safety Solutions, Oliver Crook…

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Is it Ageism or Just a Lack of Confidence in Our Young Professionals?

Most research on age discrimination covers bias against older people in the workforce. Ageism isn’t all one way…! Age discrimination at any age reduces our wellbeing and commitment to our work. I was…

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Evolution of the Workspace, Not the End (in My Eyes)!

Throughout the last few months I keep hearing ‘we won't need offices in the future' or similar bold statements! It's a topic of conversation that has been forced upon us all during the pandemic (I am…

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Have You Had Bad Advice…Is Someone Telling You Porkies…Take Action…Breach of CDM 2015

Are you in BREACH of Construction (Design +Management) Regulations 2015 + being exposed to unnecessary risk by the advisors who are supposed to be watching your back...? Many former CDM Coordinators…

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