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Triple Promotion Announcement

The first of our #MIPIM2024 Announcements. We are delighted to make this Triple Promotion Announcement... it is well + truly deserved! Keep pushing on.

Monthly Team Meeting

Once a month, we convene as a team to gather, share meals, and engage in recreational activities. In September, we relished our time together, showing support for the local charity, Papercup Coffee Project, and embarking on a tour of the iconic World Famous Liver Building.

P4 Providing BSA + CDM Support To The Healthcare Sector

P4 possesses extensive expertise in the healthcare industry, and as part of our continuous commitment to foster and motivate the sector to enhance their knowledge and skills related to the Building Safety Act of 2022, we have developed the presentation above.

Here’s what you need to know about the Building Safety Act Secondary Legislation

It has been little over a week since the Building Safety Act was fully implemented in England – and, with it, a slew of changes to the rules for higher-risk buildings, writes Max Meadows of Project Four Safety Solutions.

While there is a lot of information to take on board, the new regulations are more of an improvement on existing construction standards, rather than a whole new set of rules. We have said from the early days that the BSA is CDM regulations on steroids, and this holds true. The legislation has a focus on behaviour change and demonstrating compliance, two things the built environment needs to embrace from the top down.

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The New Regulations

Take action now to comply with the Building Safety Act and ensure your business is prepared for the new regulations. The time for waiting is over. The Building Safety Regulator is launching, and registration for occupied high-risk buildings is underway. Don't be left behind. Embrace the changes and prioritise competence and building safety. Let's work together to prevent future tragedies.

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Key Insights

Stay ahead of the upcoming changes in the Building Safety Act with these key insights. Important dates include the opening of registration for existing high-rise residential buildings in April, and the introduction of Gateway 2 and Gateway 3 in October. Start by ensuring compliance with CDM 2015 and appointing duty holders with the necessary skills and knowledge. Develop a robust design risk management and health and safety file from day one. Stay informed, engage with building control bodies, and collaborate with operators for effective handover.

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Building Safety Act 2022

The Building Safety Act 2022, a response to the Grenfell tragedy, will bring significant changes to the building safety system in England. The act will impact all stages of construction and introduces three gateways with specific requirements. The Building Safety Regulator will enforce the act, and early engagement is encouraged. Compliance and understanding of obligations under existing regulations are crucial. Stay informed about subordinate legislation and prepare for the journey to full compliance.

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Power Sessions

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Project Win

Project Four is delighted to welcome the Mews & Cube RTA Company onboard as a new client!

Steven Teare Joins NWCSG Committee

Steven Teare taking a lead on things again! Look out for the next NWCSG NWCSG NWCSG Safety Group events via here!

We Are Recruiting!

Now into our 7th year at P4, we've come a long way + many of the team have been on that journey too. As we have grown, we've failed in some parts but most importantly learnt from those mistakes. Our team reflects who we are + that's important (!) we grow we don't want to lose that culture (the reason people have joined us + stayed with us). It's not for everyone but there is opportunity, development + fun to be had for the right person! We don't have processes for everything + there will be challenges but with support, guidance + reward. Contact to ask about vacancies, and what might lie ahead.

BSA Briefings Feedback

Take a look at some of the unprompted, genuine feedback from our recent BSA Briefings.

Wirral Waters

An overview of one of our longstanding projects.

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