Are you in BREACH of Construction (Design +Management) Regulations 2015 + being exposed to unnecessary risk by the advisors who are supposed to be watching your back…?

Many former CDM Coordinators (CDM-C) / safety advisors + QS/PM practices panicked when the role of CDM-C was removed…so instead of offering the correct advice to clients, they just simply became Principal Designers (PD’s), so as to hang onto their turnover! These rogue PD’s have failed to acknowledge the significant change in CDM 2015. It’s wrong + should be condemned, the regulations are clear.

Take action to avoid HSE Intervention, Improvement/Prohibition Notices, FFI (Fees For Intervention now £154 per hour) best case…worst case Criminal Prosecution (and associated negative press)! We are more than happy to offer advice + guidance if you are employing or working with a ‘Blag/Rogue PD’.