Joining P4, potential + possibility…the PERSON spec!

At P4, we’re not just offering a job; we’re building a space for individuals who are committed, ambitious, self-motivated, and strive for growth (whilst still having fun)! Here’s a sneak peek into our culture, and life at P4.

Traits We Admire

– Self-Motivation + Drive: We believe in individuals who don’t just meet expectations but exceed them with their internal motivation. We can’t give you this – its on you.

– Commitment to Technical Development: Lifelong learners, this is your home! We value those dedicated to staying ahead in their technical prowess.

– Be keen to learn, take the rough with the smooth (the challenges) and commit to a career route path with rewards + incentives.

Expectations We Set

– Deliverance is Key: We’re all about results. If you’re ready to take on challenges and deliver, you’ll thrive here.

– Responsive + Engaging: We love ideas and conversations. Be ready to not just respond but actively engage with your team.

– Accountability + leadership at all levels.

The foundation of our success lies in repeat business, a testament to our consistent delivery. To uphold this ethos, we depend on our dedicated team

What We’re Not Looking For

– No “Computer Says No” Mentality. Solutions-driven minds are our forte. We don’t want barriers; we want problem-solvers.

– The glass is half empty type stay away.

– People who want to work from home in isolation + not be part of the team. We offer hybrid solutions + balance, but we want to build a team together.

Anyone can fill in an F10 and collate a hazard + risk register – we proactively work with clients and challenge design teams to effectively apply the hierarchy of control + create better buildings.

A Glimpse into Your Journey

– Challenge + Engagement: P4 is your platform to challenge yourself, engage with your work, and support your colleagues.

– Growth Platform: Our infrastructure + market position isn’t just bricks and mortar; it’s a catalyst for your career.

– Expect support and a work-life balance that fosters growth.

The Perks (because these things are important to us too)

– Earn the trust, perks, and freedom that come with being a part of P4.

– Birthdays off, and we go above the sector’s holiday standards!

– Healthcare + benefits through Vitality Health

– Christmas holidays off (without using holiday allowance)

– A personal development plan + career route map – to ensure progression + incentives

– Regular socials and hearty team lunches

– 1-day additional holiday gifted after three years’ service (post probation)

– 2-day’s holiday gifted after five years’ service (post probation)

– Kids/family school pick-ups + after school club commitment/pledge

– Charity donations + challenges

– Volunteer programs, maternity/paternity packages, and even a moving house pledge, employee referral scheme – because life happens.

Culture at P4

– Not a Corporate Machine: While growth is our objective, we’re not a soulless corporate giant. We’re a close-knit group of individuals from all walks of life, and we treat you as one.

– An environment to thrive.

People, Not Just Positions

Meet with Leaders Anytime: Your ideas matter. Meet with directors whenever you need.

Family-Friendly Office Dogs, kids…they’re all welcome! We believe in blending work and life seamlessly.

Diversity & Wellbeing

– A pledge to diversity and a strong focus on health and wellbeing.

– We believe in the strength of diverse perspectives and a healthy, happy workforce.
P4 Monthly Team Day

Your Journey Starts Here

This isn’t just a job; it’s a long-term move. Take your time, understand the role, scope, expectations. We’re patient, and we’re committed to success. Things will evolve and where you start will look very different in 1, 3, 5 years! This isn’t a process we can rush, and we like to discuss, plan, and thrash out all potentials/objectives etc. some appointments have taken 6-12 months, but have worked successfully + continue to flourish at P4. The talent we seek may not be immediately ready to move – personal commitments (paternity, exams, financial etc.) and could take several months to nail down.

We view recruitment + talent search as an ongoing process, not a reactive one – happy to chat in confidence at any time.

Ready for a career where your potential finds its true home? Contact P4 today!

See what the team says:

Karen Benson (Office + Support Team Lead)

I’ve worked alongside Alan and Max from the beginning of P4 and have been fortunate to see it flourish and grow over the years. My role has evolved immensely, and the learning and growth gained has allowed me to develop and enhance my skills and contributed to my job satisfaction. Yes, the workload is heavy, but I can deal with this as I feel supported, well looked after, motivated and appreciated. It helps that the people I work with are great, good fun and supportive, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Dave (Advisor): retrained from Jaguar Land Rover

After 10 years working in various roles at Jaguar Land Rover and having completed the NEBOSH General Certificate, in May 2020 I made the leap to join P4 and take up my first role in Safety.

The factory environment was all I had known so to be tasked with working from home amid the pandemic took some getting used to. Thankfully, the environment was ideal. A close-knit team who ensured the transition was seamless. All whilst working in a fast paced, often reactive industry. Safe to say, there’s never a dull day.

Steven (Senior Advisor)

Initially, I was sceptical about re-joining a “consultancy” as work-life balance is usually non-existent when a consultant, however I couldn’t have been more wrong due to the autonomy and trusting ethos within the business.

From day one I have felt part of the team, and in my time here so far, it’s been great to see the company grow year on year. The overall approach to both delivery and continual personal development is first class and like non-I’ve experienced before and that’s credit to the team here at Project Four.

Alan (MD):

It’s not always pretty, but we work hard, are committed to personal growth, work life balance. I like to finish early on a Friday, I don’t apologise for that. +44(0)7786447777 (text, whats app, call, email anytime).